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Our happy place is on the 'dark side' of Gateway. Not so dark anymore....


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So Whipped, have a Mmmmoment
  • The Moments we create. We don't just wait for them, we go looking for them, we inspire them, encourage them, we become them. So Whipped is about the cream on the top of your coffee, the icing on the cupcake, the person who is oh so in love they would do anything. So Whipped is the favorite part of your day, puddle jumping, the first sip of a cold drink on a hot summers day or snuggling with someone you love under a blanket with a warm cup of chocolate on a cold winters night. That kiss that makes you loose your breath and your toes curl. Those contented moments that we have, where we think to ourselves, life is well!

  • Sustainability

    Our Beautiful Cafe is 98% recycled, reused, reclaimed and green. The only items that we couldn’t go green with was out sign board and our tap in the cafe.

  • Good Food

    We love using whole foods, real eggs & LOADS of butter in our baking

  • Great Coffee

    We are passionate about good coffee. We are currently pouring Union Hand Roasted - Organic Natural Spirit. This is the top 2% quality bean in the world. The Organic Natural Spirit blend is a Union Direct Trade blend created from Ethiopia: Konga & Yirgacheffe, Peru: Chirinos and Honduras: Cocafelol. You should be able to taste flavour notes of buttermilk rusks, fudge, peaches and milk chocolate. All of our barrister’s have all done our So Whipped barrister training course and are continually being critiqued on their coffee making skills and attend ongoing training workshops.

The So Whipped Team

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Candice Courtney

Owner & Head Chef
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